Homemade Beef Steak Pho Soup

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Pho, pronounced “fuh”.  Has become one of my favorite dishes over the past couple of years. It rivals homemade chicken soup for the best meal to eat during a cold. The closest Pho restaurant to me an authentic Vietnamese place called  Pho Super 9. I decided to make my own Pho on a whim.  Rare steak or bò tái is my favorite, but I decided to boil the beef since I would have leftovers, and to give the store bought stock more flavor.  I started out with no recipe, just…read more

Simple Roasted Sweet Potatoes

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A simple recipe for roasted sweet potatoes. INGREDIENTS: 3-4 sweet potatoes Salt Pepper Extra-virgin olive oil or lots of butter Optional: brown sugar spice rub from Savory Spice Shop (brown sugar, honey powder, black, white, and green peppercorns, mild mustard powder, Saigon cinnamon, ginger, makrut lime leaves, cloves, allspice and cardamom).  I have made the potatoes without the rub and it still tastes great.  I listed the ingredients if you want to try combining brown sugar with 2 or 3 spices in your cupboard to make your own spice rub. METHOD:…read more

Business Back Home: The Chef and the Farmer

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On a trip to Whole Foods one evening, I was surprised to see a food truck.  Upon closer inspection, I saw that Vivian Howard, owner of Chef and the Farmer in Kinston, NC and subject of the PBS show, A Chef’s Life was there on her book tour.  I have not visited the restaurant nor seen the show, but I have read a couple of articles on her in the past, one focused on the boom of economic development in Kinston spurred by the show, and another on the story of how…read more

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers

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I found a lot of interesting vintage salt and pepper shakers while thrifting and decided to put them in the shop!  A side note: after being out of work for two months, I have been offered a full-time job, which starts tomorrow.  Therefore, I have reduced my Homeschool Mama Helper services to a small few and discontinued the live page that was once linked in the navigation bar.  Thanks to all who contributed to that venture during a much needed time!

Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine

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A dear friend recommended “Money Making Mom” by Crystal Paine to me recently.  I read it within two weeks and it taught me some valuable lessons in this season of my life.  Although I am not married, I gleaned much from the book.  It increased my motivation to work consistently on this website, but also to consider the  power and effect of consistency in all areas of life.  Dollars do add up, for better or for worse. I bought the Kindle version on Amazon – which can be read on any…read more

Kefir Pancakes

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I have tried buttermilk pancakes and sour cream pancakes, but this one is a keeper that I am planning to use as a base for pancake recipes.  I didn’t have sour cream, buttermilk, or enough milk, but I did have about one cup of kefir.  After some Internet research, I found out that kefir is a traditional base for Russian pancakes!  I wanted to make the recipe a bit healthier, so I opened the freezer and used up the last of my Odlum’s Extra Course Wholemeal Flour.  I ordered it…read more

Simple Indian Chicken Curry

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The possibilities for a meal are endless with Indian cuisine.  One dish can be as simple or complicated as you would like to make it.  I decided to make a simple Indian curry with a bit of greenery in it.  For authentic Indian cooking demonstrations, check out Manjula’s Kitchen and VahChef on YouTube.  Amazon has some great cookbooks that I am looking forward to checking out: Classic Indian Cooking, 660 Curries, and An Invitation to Indian Cooking. INGREDIENTS: 2 chicken breasts, chopped Madras curry powder, 1 tablespoon Plain yogurt, 1 1/2  to 2…read more

Braised Greens

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Braising, which in this case is searing and baking in chicken stock, is one of my favorite ways to cook vegetables.  In this recipe, I combined leafy greens, cruciferous and root vegetables.  I used about 1/4 of the red and green kale pictured.  In the last photo of slideshow below, I show one of the many uses of this dish.  It tastes amazing alone, but it could also be added to things.  I had leftover meatballs and pasta planned for lunch the next day, but the sauce was scant.  I…read more

Cabbage Salad

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This was another dish that I tried at a local Lebanese restaurant recently and decided to recreate it at home.  I could not pinpoint the exact spices used, but I determined garam marsala (an Indian spice blend of Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, black pepper, and coriander) would be close enough. This salad is super healthy and super easy to make.  Shredding cabbage is messy (and I usually do it the night before) but other than that, there is minimal prep work involved.  To shred the cabbage, I used the side of…read more